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Asphalt Shingle & Metal Roofing

Alstate Siding & Roofing can cover all your roofing needs such as roof replacement, roof repair, new roof installs, replace sheathing, flashing repair, chimney flashing repair and much more  You roof protects your family, your possessions and the integrity of your house.  Let our experienced team of roofing professionals help you protect your biggest investment.

SPECIAL: Metal Roof Installation... 15% Discount and Senior Citizen Discount.

Metal Roofing prices are reasonable and many homeowners are considering metal roofs as a long-lasting, great looking option.  Metal roofing has an expected life over double that of conventional roofs.  Our metal roofing comes with a true 30-50 year manufacturer warranty and of course our workmanship warranty for the installation.

A metal roof will not increase the likelihood of lightening striking your home.  However, if your home were hit by lightening, your metal roof would disperse energy safely throughout the structure.  Metal roofing is not combustible or flammable. 

Metal roofing can be installed over your existing asphalt roof without the need for tearing off shingles.  Ripping off shingles is messy and raises the cost of the job.

Today's metal roofing systems are built to last.  Steel metal roofing has a "metallic coating" made of either zinc or zinc and aluminum.  The metallic coating prevents rust from forming.  Paint is applied over the metallic coating to provide the long lasting color homeowners desire.

Metal roofing in both light and dark colors reflect heat effectively to reduce cooling loads in the summer and insulate homes during the winter.  This can help lower energy costs.

Insects such as termites and ants can never eat metal roofing.  It is impervious to rot and mildew.  And because it conducts heat quickly from the sun, snow slides off more rapidly than with conventional roofing.

 Traditional 3-tab Shingles

Years of manufacturing:  A testament of quality workmanship Marathon 20 shingles are a time tested traditional 3-tab shingle, offering excellent reliability and supported by a proven track record.  These shingles are at the top of their class in terms of performance and value.  Marathon 20 shingles feature a limited 20 year Warranty.

Suit your house's color and budget.  The Marathon's huge color selection makes it easy to find a 3-tab shingle to match their home.  IKO's North American manufacturing plants all use the same computer controlled technology making all roofing shingles consistent in color, size,shape and quality, so you always get the color you picked from your product sample.

Architectural Shingles

Turn your roof replacement into a curb appeal opportunity:  Add architectural accent to any house with IKO AR shingles.  Whether you need to match the classic style of  a heritage or add contemporary class to a modern residence, Cambridge AR architectural shingles make roof replacement  an exciting endeavor.  Find the color scheme you imagined and increase the beauty of your home with this impressive selection of unique and subtle colors. 

IKO Cambridge AR's shingle weight is designed to put up more resistance against weather and the test of time.  We have classic long term style to suit any homes architectural style and huge color selections to match your existing roof.



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